We are building the first fractional Marketplace on Fantom

The Piece democratizes ownership of high-value NFTs by lowering the barrier to entry by enabling fractional sales of NFTs.


The Piece x Fantom Foundation

NFT trading volume has risen over 700% between Q2 and Q3 of 2021, with $41 billion worth of crypto buying up NFTs. However, 20% of that volume is traded by 91% of NFT investors.

Meet our leadership

The Piece is a team of passionate people with the desire to build.


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Partnered with the best projects in the space.

Frequently asked questions

How high are the fees on the Marketplace?

From each transaction on the marketplace, 5% are deducted,
2.5% goes to the original NFT converter as passive income,
2% goes to the staking pool,
0.5% is burned.

How does the converting function work?

You simply navigate to the converting page, select the NFT you want to convert and click on “Convert”. Now all you have to do is accept the following Metamask requests and wait for the magic to happen.

Is every NFT allowed on the Marketplace?

No we only Whitelist NFT Collections, that have either “proven” themselves on the Market, so they are not so volatile, or the Community has voted to whitelist the collection.

How do I find out if I have NFTs that are suitable for the Marketplace?

You simply have to connect your Metamask and the Marketplace will automatically detect which of your NFTs are Whitelisted and eligible to be converted.

Can I buy more Fragments than just one?

Yes, we have a unique Multi-Buy function that allows you to “order” multiple fragments at once for a specific price.
All fragments listed below that price will be purchased automatically as long as you have the purchase order set up.

Can I get my NFT back?

Yes, there are several ways you can get it back. You can keep more than 50% of your fragments, so you can vote the majority on sell after the 6 months period they are on the marketplace.
You can also exchange the fragments for your NFT if you own 100% of the fragments.

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