Top 5 Marketplaces To Buy Fractional NFTs

Fractional NFTs have become increasingly popular in the past year due to significant hype surrounding a handful of projects such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Prices have skyrocketed for these collections, which is good if you got in early enough.

However, millions are quickly priced out of ever owning any of these blue-chip projects. Which is why we’re going to highlight five fractional NFT marketplaces to buy your favorite, high-value projects.

Currently the leading marketplace within the fractional NFT space; is a decentralized and permissionless platform, meaning that anyone can use it.

The marketplace is secured and audited by PackShield and Harchi audit, it includes some popular collections including CryptoPunks, BAYC and MAYC.

The Piece

The most up and coming NFT marketplace, The Piece promises to level the playing field when it comes to NFT ownership. Their goal is to make NFT investing cheaper, easier and faster than ever before.

Currently working on their marketplace, The Piece aims to offer fractional ownership for many other assets and not just fractional art, the goal is to offer fractional real estate and much more.

Take a look at everything they have to offer:


The Otis marketplace is another valued fractional art marketplace that allows investors to own fractions of a wide variety of NFT collections. But, the cool part about this marketplace is that it’s not limited to just digital art. 

The marketplace offers their fractional ownership services in the form of physical goods too. On the platform you’ll find rare sports cards, books such as Harry Potter and coming soon will be sneakers. They even host small pop-up events so investors can go see the physical items.


Surprisingly, Unicly actually have their own token called UNIC, and at the time of writing, its trading at $5.89. The platform allows you to trade, tokenize, mix and farm, there aren’t many standout features from the other marketplaces mentioned on this list. The marketplace is reputable and regularly used by investors within the NFT space. is another fractionalized marketplace with a few interesting collections such as Mutant Ape Yacht Club and much more. You can currently buy and sell NFTs that operate on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. 

It has some interesting features including RockPool, which allows you to buy a full NFT as a collective group, it has its standard NFT marketplace, CrowdPad which allows investors help launch a new collection and Bridge, which allows you to swap tokens.

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