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Everything That Happened
Q4 2021

The first steps in this project with
a new landing page, start of development and hiring of new team members

Landing Page

UI Sketch, Illustrations and implementation of the new landing page

Litepaper redesign

New design & illustrations for our Litepaper to match the style guide

Burning & Staking

Adding burning and staking functionalities to the ERC-20 token

Team expansion

Smart Contract Developer, Webdesign Specialist and Advisor

Marketplace development

Start with the development of the marketplace and fragmenting protocol

Everything That Happened
Q1 2022

We’ve developed other features of the marketplace, like our Mini-DAO and Staking-Page.
But we’ve also formed wonderful partnerships with incredible people in the field.

Team expansion

Marketing Specialist, Frontend Developer

Marketplace development

Finishing the fragmenting protocol and marketplace UI/UX


Have partnerships with major projects in the NFT and Crypto space


Start of marketing and public awareness

Everything That Happened
Q2 2022

Our Marketplace has come a long way, and we finished the basic functions of this marketplace for the MVP
LossLess is a fantastic new addition among our great partners. Their service is incredibly useful for us to take the security of our projects to a new level.

Marketplace development

Finish all core features and work on mvp


Implement security solutions into the marketplace and token – LossLess & Oracles


Work on partnerships with major projects in the NFT and Crypto space

Seed Funding

Filling Seed funding position to build a great basis & partnership with VCs


Continue with marketing and polish social profiles such as Twitter, Discord and Telegram


Start with creating educational content for our community

Everything That Happened
Q3 2022

Now that we have implemented LossLess Security, we still have some testing to do.
We have also updated some important use cases and features of the marketplace, such as lowering the fees or introducing $FTM as the main currency on the site.


Continue with marketing. First goal 3-10k followers on socials


Launch testnet to prepare everything for the smart contract audit

Private Sale

Start of the private funding position.

Website re-design

New fitting design for the landing page & co

Real Life Assets

Work on building the basis for implementing real life assets such as watches and gold to the marketplace.


Work on partnerships with major projects in the NFT and Crypto space

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